You start a new matter and the emails fly in. So you open a folder in Outlook for the ABC Matter. Eventually, you get around to creating some sub-folders. Six months later, an issue arises and you have this nagging thought in the back of your mind that you have seen something about that issue before. Where to start? Well, there is no specific Outlook subfolder under the ABC Matter on this issue. So you start searching and hope you find what you were looking for. Hit and miss litigation is never good. Outlook was not designed to be a litigation support feature or an organizational tool. Wikis are a far superior tool for organizing information, but they don’t necessarily have all the tools needed for true collaboration across the spectrum of a lawsuit.

Legal OnRamp

has designed SecureRamps as a tool to meet this need. But whether it is an LOR SecureRamp or some other tool, use the right tool for the job–and Outlook is not it.


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At the request of Paul Lippe, I have begun posting periodic "Value Tips of the Day" on Legal OnRamp.  These Value Tips of the Day (TOD) are directed to inside counsel, but sometimes to outside counsel too.  I thought they might of some interest to those who read my blog but aren’t LOR members, so I am re-posting these Value Tips here.  Here’s the first one:

1. Figure out what outcomes you want to encourage. You’ve heard the aphorism that "if you buy hours, you’ll get hours." So if you don’t want truckloads of hours, don’t buy them. Figure out what you want instead. Results? Efficiency? Low Cost? If you incentivize these outcomes, you will find yourself getting precisely these outcomes. You get what you pay for, so figure out what you want to pay for.



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