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Providing yet more fodder for this blawg, the May issue of Corporate Counsel contains a short article entitled “Conflict Avoidance,” which discusses Citigroup’s new policy on conflicts, which makes it difficult to impossible to get a waiver to sue the company.  My vantage point as a partner in a 30 plus lawyer firm makes it

The May issue of Corporate Counsel was a cornucopia of material of this blawg.  In addition to more fodder for the “chicken and egg” issue (will lawyers offer alternative fees to attract clients or will clients have to demand alternatives to force change), there was a terrific column by Eriq Gardner (Hello, Good Buy) on

The floors in my house are being refinished this weekend, so my family and I were evicted and are “vacationing” in a hotel just a few blocks away.  I just finished reviewing my email, had a conversation with a colleague over Skype, and am now posting to my blawg, all while sitting on a lounge