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Announcing ElevateNext. The next big step in serving our clients.

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On Monday, my partner Nicole Auerbach and I announced the launch of ElevateNext, which will work alongside Elevate Services, a best-in-class law company.  And with Elevate, we announced our collaboration with Univar, a Fortune 500 chemical and ingredient distribution company, to reduce its legal spend by 50%. Many have followed our time with Valorem.  I… Continue Reading

Have You Done Something Innovative In Law?

Posted in General, Trends and Innovations

You have? Fantastic. Let us know about it and you may be recognized with an InnovAction Award. Details for Entry The preferred formats for entries are Word and PDF via email to dcurtis@colpm.org. Prior approval is required for other formats. Please contact the College Administrator at dcurtis@colpm.org or 224.337.9033 to discuss alternatives and to receive… Continue Reading

Links to my Art of Value podcast with Kirk Bowman

Posted in Pricing, Trends and Innovations, Uncategorized, Value Tips

Kirk Bowman has become one of the leading voices on value billing. Kirk produces the “Art of Value” podcast. He has interviewed an range of people who have offered so many great ideas on value, pricing and billing, including Ed Kless, Michele Golden, Peter Carayannis, the great Ron Baker, John Chisholm, and so many others… Continue Reading

GE, like McDonalds, is outsourcing some corporate functions. How soon before it happens with law departments?

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My last post recounted McDonalds’ creation of its own ad agency and posited the question whether bespoke law firms could be far behind.  Enter GE.  Yes, that GE. According to CFO.com, GE is transferring about 600 of its tax professionals to PwC: Reacting to what it sees as increasing uncertainty about tax rules in the… Continue Reading

McDonalds creates its own ad agency. Can bespoke law firms be far behind?

Posted in Client Service, Commentary, Trends and Innovations

Several years ago, I was part of a proposal to a large tech company to create a custom, build-to-suit, build-to-serve law firm to handle the company’s IP work.  The company showed interest, but ultimately it was too big a leap to make. That was then.  Crain’s Chicago Business is reporting today on an ad created… Continue Reading

Consulting? A natural way to share the many lessons we’ve learned over the years.

Posted in Client Service, Client Surveys and Audits, Commentary, Hourly Rates and Alternatives, Marketing, Branding and Sales, Prevention, Trends and Innovations

Something interesting happened recently.  Jeff Carr, Nicole Auerbach and I consulted with a client about how to improve the law department’s performance and save money.  Shortly afterwards, Nicole and I consulted with a law firm about moving to alternative fee arrangements.  The interesting thing was that we found ourselves enjoying being consultants.  We found, in… Continue Reading

Solving the High Cost of Litigation, Valorem style

Posted in Commentary, Trends and Innovations

Litigation costs too much. Why? Because it is overburdened with process and tolerated but unnecessary excess.  And who benefits from the focus on process and needless discovery and motion practice? Lawyers.  Who designs the processes and rules for discovery?  Lawyers. And who benefits economically from this focus on rules and process? Lawyers. Lawyers are the… Continue Reading

Some thoughts on the Top 5 Bad Excuses for Resisting Legal Project Management

Posted in Client Service, General, Leadership and Management, Trends and Innovations

Pam Woldow and Doug Richardson penned a terrific post, Top 5 Bad Excuses for Resisting Legal Project Management.  I wanted to compliment them and share some thoughts on the 5 excuses. 1. My clients don’t want or need LPM.  I had to laugh when I read this.  Most lawyers who talk about what their clients… Continue Reading

Cutting Inside Counsel: Perfect Opportunity For Fixed Fee Agreements

Posted in Hourly Rates and Alternatives, Trends and Innovations

About I month ago, I wrote about “Outsourcing The Legal Function.”  Today, I was reading this article at law.com about five questions law firms face for 2006.  The fifth question is whether client relationships are more critical than ever.  The author observes that “according to a recent law firm study by BTI, the vast majority… Continue Reading

An Opportunity For In House Lawyers To Work With Lawyers Truly Committed To Client Service

Posted in Trends and Innovations

I am very happy to see the number of posts commenting favorably on the launching of the Law Department Purchasing Consortium.   Highly respected blogs and bloggers and greeted the lauch with enthusiasm.  Gerry Riskin,  Larry Bodine,  Geoffrey Gussis,  and The Wired GC all have taken note of the launch. I need to acknowledge upfront that… Continue Reading


Posted in Trends and Innovations

I love The Common Scold.  Yes, Scold, not cold.  (Who could ever love the common cold?)  Why?  Because Monica Bay always makes really good points  in a very compelling way.  Take her post telling the story of Jane Smith and her encounter with a vendor.  Read it.  Learn. The first point, not using a woman’s… Continue Reading

Conflicts and Client Service

Posted in Trends and Innovations

Providing yet more fodder for this blawg, the May issue of Corporate Counsel contains a short article entitled “Conflict Avoidance,” which discusses Citigroup’s new policy on conflicts, which makes it difficult to impossible to get a waiver to sue the company.  My vantage point as a partner in a 30 plus lawyer firm makes it… Continue Reading