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Valorem Honored to be Named to 2017 BTI Consulting Client Service A-Team

Posted in Client Service, Commentary, Selection of counsel

  My Valorem colleagues and I are honored to have been named to the 2017 BTI Client Service A-Team.   This is our fifth consecutive year to have been named to the A-Team. BTI’s identified the firms awarded this distinction based on over 330 in-depth interviews of General Counsels, direct reports to GCs and other key… Continue Reading

For Law Departments’ consideration: Self Help is an investment in a solution

Posted in Client Service, Commentary, Selection of counsel

Ronald Reagan once famously said the nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”  His quote tapped into our natural fear of both the government and unsolicited offers to help.  When someone offers help, most believe the person is really offering to help themselves. This… Continue Reading

The Case Of 1 + 1 = 5

Posted in Client Communications, Client Service, Selection of counsel

Interesting post in Rees Morrison’s Law Department Management blog. Thoughts on Why Law Departments Retain Outside Counsel discusses several theories.  First,  brains vs brawn.  This theory postulates that inside counsel handle the routine stuff but turn to outside counsel for more challenging work.  Second, the overflow theory.  Here, outside counsel are retained whenever there is too much work… Continue Reading

Whoever Said “Good Grammar Costs Nothing” Hasn’t Read This

Posted in Client Service, Selection of counsel

Dan Hull of What About Clients is the leader of the Good-Writing-Is-A-Necessity Bandwagon.  See some of his posts here.  But kudos to Michelle Golden of Golden Practices for keeping this critical topic front and center with her post highlighting the cost Rogers Communications, Inc. from a misplaced comma. (The cost is $2.13 million, by the… Continue Reading

New Targets For Clients

Posted in Selection of counsel

Thanks to my friend Dan Hull at What About Clients for introducing (at least to me) the concept of “muscle boutiques.”   Top talent, small firms, lower overhead, no deadwood.  Why should clients pay for those unprofitable offices in luxury cities? Do you get more value per person from Navy Seals or several battalions of infantry? … Continue Reading

Selecting Outside Counsel

Posted in Selection of counsel

Check out this post by Tom Collins at morepartnerincome.  Tom refers to an article by Bob Burns at Brouse McDowell in Akron, Ohio.  Bob is a former inhouse attorney and has both selected and been selected, so he knows of what he speaks.  The article says  “I believe that a business should consider the ‘Five… Continue Reading

Clients: Are You A Big Fish In The Pond?

Posted in Selection of counsel

Are you really important to your law firm?  If not, might you be better off by being a premier client at a different firm? Those are two questions raised by Rees Morrison’s post “Be primary to a regional firm rather than tertiary to a national powerhouse” in his Law Department Management blog.  His conclusion: If… Continue Reading