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Consulting? A natural way to share the many lessons we’ve learned over the years.

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Something interesting happened recently.  Jeff Carr, Nicole Auerbach and I consulted with a client about how to improve the law department’s performance and save money.  Shortly afterwards, Nicole and I consulted with a law firm about moving to alternative fee arrangements.  The interesting thing was that we found ourselves enjoying being consultants.  We found, in… Continue Reading

Law Firms Using Apps

Posted in Marketing, Branding and Sales

Nice story from the Chicago Lawyer on law firms developing apps for smartphones, iPads and similar products (and we especially like the way the story features Valorem!).  Here’s the key takeaway: "More cell phones are being sold than computers," [uber Marketing ConsultantLarry] Bodine said. "Everywhere I go people are texting or going online and looking… Continue Reading

Example of WWGD? in action

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I strongly endorsed a new book by Jeff Jarvis, What Would Google Do?  If you want to see Googley thinking in action, check out Michelle Golden’s post, Think Your Clients Use Your Firm’s Website?  Here’s the advice: Firms also talk about putting valuable content and tools behind this client-only wall. This is exactly opposite of… Continue Reading

Telling the Truth

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Duane Morris laid off 18% of its marketing and business development staff yesterday.  Ed Schecter, the head of marketing, apparently said cost-cutting was "secondary" and the real intent was to build a more experienced, leaner team.  Of course, this is reported the day after Citibank’s Dan DiPietro is quoted as saying the profits of Amlaw… Continue Reading

Marketing Partner Forum Slides Now Available

Posted in Marketing, Branding and Sales

I had an opportunity to participate in a panel led by Gerry Riskin at Hildebrandt’s 2008 Marketing Partner Forum.  As always, it was an outstanding event, perhaps the best in many years.  Congratulations to Tom Billington and his Hildebrandt colleagues for putting together such an outstanding and thought-provoking program. I have had several requests to… Continue Reading

Brands, Lovemarks and Tattoos

Posted in Marketing, Branding and Sales

A number of us have been having a discussion about branding, summarized here and here.  Against that backdrop, I started reading Lovemarks, by Kevin Roberts.  Roberts is the “Worldwide CEO” of Saatchi & Saatchi.  He is the originator of the concept of “lovemarks,” described on the Saatchi web site as: Lovemarks are brands that inspire… Continue Reading

Do, Don’t Say, Marketing

Posted in Marketing, Branding and Sales

The February 2006 issue of The American Lawyer contains a terrific article by Charles Green –“Selling by Doing.”  Green is the author of Trust-Based Selling and the article comes from his book.   Green recounts the story told by a General Counsel of a Fortune 50 company:       We needed to hire outside counsel; we… Continue Reading

Branding? YES!

Posted in Marketing, Branding and Sales

Dan Hull recently posted that “Law Firm Logos are Goofy, Useless, a Waste of Time and Money.”  And then he promised to let us know what he really thinks about logos.  Seriously, Dan drew on a post from Tom Kane who writes the Legal Marketing Blog.  Tom’s post on logos drew on a post by… Continue Reading

Is Rainmaking A Learned Skill Or A Natural Trait?

Posted in Leadership and Management, Marketing, Branding and Sales

Larry Bodine summarized Dr. Larry Richard’s presentation at the 2006 Marketing Partner Forum here.  Dr. Richard is the head of Hildebrandt’s  Leadership & Organization Development Practice Group, which helps law firms and legal departments on people issues.  Since the early 1980’s, he has pioneered the application of psychology and other behavioral sciences to the improvement… Continue Reading

Holiday Cards–HELP!

Posted in Marketing, Branding and Sales

Labor Day passes.  I return to the office after traveling and being on trial for the better part of a month, and I return to a Law Practice article (September 2005) on holiday cards.  Six full pages on holiday cards.  I run hot and cold on cards and gifts.  Many clients cannot accept gifts, and… Continue Reading

Mind Your Manners

Posted in Marketing, Branding and Sales

Michelle Golden, who writes Golden Practices, picked up on a post in Duct Tape Marketing about saying thank you when you lose out after making a pitch for business.  Michelle adds several points to the original post.  Her advice is right on the money. Manners count.  And most of all, the personal touch counts.