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In Search of Perfect Client Service Why lawyers don't seem to get it


Valorem’s Services

Valorem Law Group is a Chicago litigation boutique that, as its name suggests, focuses on value. Every aspect of the firm has been designed to ensure value to the firm’s clients is maximized. With outstanding trial lawyers at its core, the firm leverages its trial skills to secure extraordinary results, whether at trial or through settlement. But it is the economic relationship between attorney and client that is most revolutionary. Valorem’s invoices to its clients allow the client to alter the amount due to reflect the client’s perception of value.

Valorem’s practice areas include:

  • Legacy Liabilities and Related Product Liability Claims
  • Complex Business Disputes
  • Antitrust and Competition

For a full description of the firm’s practice and personnel, please visit the firm’s website.

Consulting Services

In addition to his work as a litigator, Patrick Lamb recently began offering consulting services in the areas of:

  • Firm Leadership
  • Firm Managment
  • Client Service
  • Marketing

Here’s a recent review of a program on Client Service For Litigators from April 2007:

Pat did a great job. He’s truly passionate about this topic and has put together a strong presentation. He was talking to our litigators, and I was especially glad to see how clearly he can get the idea of client service across to that particular group. (He’s a trial lawyer himself.) Too often, client service can sound like something transaction lawyers came up with that isn’t realistic in the unpleasant climate of litigation. Pat debunks that myth and describes very specifically what client service looks like in the litigation context. I’m sure he can talk about it as powerfully in a transactional context as well.

— Anne W. Reed
Reinhart Boerner