Customer Communications

Not too long ago, I ran across a post on the the number of words in various writings generally regarded as among humankind’s best.  The Pythagorean Theorem–24 words; The Lord’s Prayer–66 words; The Ten Commandments–179;  The Gettysburg Address–186;  The United States Constitution–1300 words.  I am told that the U.S. Government’s regulations on the sale of

On more than a few occasions, a firm’s website is one of its first communications to a new client.  The client wants to check a firm out before picking up the phone to make a call.  So I’ve reviewed a lot of websites to see what the firm says about itself.  I’ve concluded that the

Interesting post in Rees Morrison’s Law Department Management blog. Thoughts on Why Law Departments Retain Outside Counsel discusses several theories.  First,  brains vs brawn.  This theory postulates that inside counsel handle the routine stuff but turn to outside counsel for more challenging work.  Second, the overflow theory.  Here, outside counsel are retained whenever there is too much