Customer Communications

You can’t.  But it’s amazing how people keep trying to ignore that old gorilla.

As I’ve mentioned, I was listening to a panel of General Counsel share some stories last week.  This story was told by one of them.  The took a case to trial.  And got hammered.  Way beyond what trial counsel had predicted

"I will be out of the office until Tuesday, August 19.  If your matter is urgent, please contact my assistant, Robin Hood, at 222-555-7777, or reach me on my cell phone at 222-555-9999.  Thank you."

You have a Blackberry–everybody does.  Use it.  This is the 21st Century.  We have technology that allows people to communicate

We’ve all experienced this.  You call someone.  The message starts.  "Hi, I’m away from my desk…."  And it goes on and on.  And on some more.  Ever hear this kind of message: " I’m visiting a really important client in a really exotic city and won’t be back in the office for several days.  However,

Trust me, for a moment at least, that all of the following points eventually will come together.

Every time I have the opportunity, I ask in-house counsel about whether their lawyers conduct formal or informal satisfaction meetings.  Almost invariably, the answer is no.  I always follow up by asking whether the client would find such

How frequently do we complain?  We all do so a lot.  Sometimes we complain about things in the presence of our clients because they also are our friends.  And because we are lawyers, are complaints are spiced-up and witty.  Next time, maybe not so fast.

I received an email today from my brother-in-law, a retired