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The quality of your questions determines the quality of the answers.

Posted in Client Service, Client Surveys and Audits, Commentary

Back in January, I copied a portion of an article that provided a list of questions lawyers should ask themselves. It was an interesting list of questions, but I was struck by how the wording of the questions could cause lawyers to avoid taking a sufficiently critical look at themselves.  I have been unable to… Continue Reading

Consulting? A natural way to share the many lessons we’ve learned over the years.

Posted in Client Service, Client Surveys and Audits, Commentary, Hourly Rates and Alternatives, Marketing, Branding and Sales, Prevention, Trends and Innovations

Something interesting happened recently.  Jeff Carr, Nicole Auerbach and I consulted with a client about how to improve the law department’s performance and save money.  Shortly afterwards, Nicole and I consulted with a law firm about moving to alternative fee arrangements.  The interesting thing was that we found ourselves enjoying being consultants.  We found, in… Continue Reading

Should you invite criticism?

Posted in Client Surveys and Audits

Long-time readers know I believe the answer is "of course."  Seth Godin lays out both sides of the argument is a recent post and urges people to choose one approach or the other.  Actually, you choose to invite criticism or you automatically default to the option of not doing so.  While the reasons for not… Continue Reading

The Unique Relationship Between Clients and Lawyers: The Lawyer’s View

Posted in Client Communications, Client Surveys and Audits

Trust me, for a moment at least, that all of the following points eventually will come together. Every time I have the opportunity, I ask in-house counsel about whether their lawyers conduct formal or informal satisfaction meetings.  Almost invariably, the answer is no.  I always follow up by asking whether the client would find such… Continue Reading

Noted Bloggers Build On Lake Wobegon Post

Posted in Client Service, Client Surveys and Audits, Commentary

    I recently posted (again) on the Lake Wobegon effect, the phenomenon that results in law firms chronically overestimating the quality of the relationship the firms have with their clients.  (See This Just In: General Counsel Less Than Thrilled With Their Outside Counsel.)  I am honored that two noted bloggers have picked up on the… Continue Reading

A Time To Sell? No Way!

Posted in Client Surveys and Audits

In late January, I was one of several bloggers posting about who should be conducting client surveys and whether the surveys should be a disguised or blantant selling vehicle. Check this post for background. Jim Hassett continues this dialogue today with his post at Law Firm Business Development. Its a very interesting post. The Director… Continue Reading

I No Longer Advocate Client Interviews

Posted in Client Surveys and Audits

I was reading the latest issue of Law Firm Inc. (one of my “must reads”) and stopped at the “On Management” column about client interviews.  I started reading, but had to stop.  The article made too much sense.  Every article about client interviews makes too much sense. We’ve been doing client interviews for nearly five… Continue Reading