Today is International Women’s Day.  I am lucky–and extremely proud–to work in a company with so many great women throughout the company, especially in leadership positions.  Elevate shared is diversity and inclusion report to the public, but the data doesn’t convey the dynamic role these women play in the company and how they are shaping our future, making us even better. So let me start this post with a hat tip and thank you to the women on Elevate’s Executive Management Team: Joyce Thorne, Kunoor Chopra, Megan Heltemes, Myriam Schmell, Nancy Fraser Michalski, Denise Nurse, Janvi Patel and Raj Boer.  Today, I celebrate these women, among many others.

I deliberately left one woman off the list of Elevate’s Executive Management Team because I wanted to offer a special note of appreciation on this important day.  When I finally end my journey in the legal world, I will be fortunate to look back over a long (and hopefully still longer) career that includes any number of wise or lucky decisions that helped me succeed on this journey.  But no matter what happens in the coming years, the wisest and luckiest decision I have made was be to become partners with Nicole Nehama Auerbach.  She has always been an exceptional person and a phenomenal lawyer.  I have watched her grow and evolve as a leader and develop a level of wisdom few can match.  She displays an incredibly deft touch with people–I’d like to think that I’ve helped her learn (by repeated practice on me) how to control the inflated egos so common in our industry. But she cares deeply about everyone she works with and treats every person she encounters from receptionist to Executive Chairman with the respect and appreciation to which every person is equally due. And while Nicole is truly a great partner, she is an even better friend.  I shall value her friendship into eternity.

Nicole is the kind of person who, when she reads this, will conjure a list of ways I have helped her.  Perhaps a couple of the things she comes up with will be true. But I know for certain that whatever is on her list, it is far shorter than the list I have of how being Nicole’s friend and partner has been the blessing of a lifetime.