September 8, 2015                                                                                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Iconic General Counsel Jeffrey Carr to Join Valorem Law Group

Chicago, IL – Jeffrey W. Carr, former General Counsel of Fortune Top 500 FMC Technologies, Inc. has joined the Valorem Law Group to lead ValoremNext, a platform designed to diminish the need for legal services by preventing problems before they occur. This concept builds on the approach Carr utilized with legendary success at FMC Technologies.

Carr is widely hailed as a preeminent thought leader and forward thinking General Counsel, having been a vocal advocate of the ACC Value Challenge and catalyst to reform the practice of law.

ValoremNext will be a key component of Valorem, a New Model law firm honored by BTI Consulting as a Client Service A-Team member for Valorem’s relentless focus on client service.

“I am very excited about joining Valorem,” said Carr. “The firm is one of the most forward-thinking firms I have encountered. They understand that the need to prevent a problem is critical to providing real value to clients,” he added. Drawing on his experience as a Fortune 500 General Counsel, Carr noted that “as businesses expand their geographic base, the demands on law departments to do more with less becomes acute, and the savings available from doing the same things better are not sustainable. The only sustainable savings can come from a program that prevents the demand for legal services in the first place.”

“This is a huge opportunity for Valorem,” said Patrick Lamb, one of the firm’s founders. “Jeff was a great client. He taught us that in-house counsel are most effective when they prevent fires rather than when they are trying to put them out. We’ve been committed to providing value to our clients since the firm was founded, and the opportunity to move toward the prevention platform was a natural step for us in providing greater value to our clients,” Lamb added.

In addition to developing the prevention platform and serving as the voice of the client, Carr will be instrumental in helping Valorem continue to innovate to bring value to the client. “We have developed a national reputation for client service and the use of alternative fee arrangements,” said Nicole Auerbach, another Valorem founding member. “The opportunity to work with Jeff to make even greater strides towards innovation and client service is an exciting one,” she added.

To introduce Jeff and the prevention practice to the in-house community, Valorem plans to offer one hour programs to in-house lawyers in Houston (October 28), Chicago (November 12), and Silicon Valley (November 17). Details will be posted on the firm’s website, before the end of September.

Valorem Law Group, which is comprised of big firm refugees, was created in 2008 to provide exceptional trial and litigation service to corporate clients, with a focus on fee arrangements that are not based on the hours billed, but the results achieved. Valorem has a special focus on client service and has repeatedly been named to the Client Service A-Team by BTI Consulting. With offices in Chicago and Silicon Valley, the firm maintains a national trial and litigation practice.

ValoremNext is a consulting practice that focuses on the “what next?” phase of corporate legal strategy — how to diminish legal spend by preventing the issues that traditionally have caused an impact on all phases of corporate life, including the bottom line. Spearheaded by former FMC Technologies General Counsel, Jeff Carr, ValoremNext focuses on prevention and best practices for legal departments globally.

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