Valorem Law Group recently surveyed in-house counsel.  A huge thank-you to the 42 in-house lawyers who responded.

The question we asked was:

When making a decision to hire a law firm to handle a litigation matter that is NOT bet-the-company, which of the following values are the most important to you? (Please rank in order of importance, with and 13 being the least important).

Here are the results:

Survey Results













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We also received a number of helpful comments:

Since I’m in the patent space, the technical competence of the attorneys assigned. Additionally, firm diversity in the leadership is a consideration. Both are of high importance.

The ability to control costs or enter into alternative fee arrangements and the importance placed on those are case dependent. More important in smaller matters and less important in bet the company matters.

High – ensuring that in-house counsel is aware of any concerns that employees may bring to the attention of outside

The firm’s historical relationship with the company. (middle)

Just a comment. It strikes me that the order of importance changes depending on the case. Geography, for example, may be important in one case and not another.

I struggled to rank all of these items, because I have several “1’s” — and all of them are essential to a firm selection decision and I’d not want to compromise on any.

Language abilities would be high depending on client and geography

Diversity of the firm and the team proposed to handle the matter

Whether the lawyer/team is “known” to us–either through a first-hand recommendation/review by someone we trust, or through our prior dealings with the lawyer/team. (High) 2. The lawyer’s/team’s experience on a particular claim or legal issue–moving through the bulk of the learning curve, knowing the “market” for settlement values, understanding the underlying issues that become a fulcrum for settlement, etc. I suppose it’s a combination of “reputation” and “ability to achieve desired results” and “experience/quality”. (High)

I like to hire lawyers not firms

Quality of work product (high)

Once again, thank you to all who participated.