I am normally reluctant to write about “us,” but I am so tickled by a recent report recognizing Valorem as a “brand elite” firm that I am breaking from this general practice.  Thank you for this indulgence.

Valorem Law Group is deeply honored to have been recognized by BTI Consulting as a Brand Elite law firm. BTI ranks law firms “with the best brand standing among [General Counsels] and legal decision makers.” Valorem was recognized by these GCs and decision makers as a Client’s Choice Recommended firm, a Client Service Strategist and as a “Leaders of the Best” for the Value Driver category.

The recognition as a “Recommended” law firm is gratifying. As BTI explained in its report:

Recommending a firm to a peer is a task corporate counsel do not take lightly. A recommendation is a personal statement about the type of provider—the quality, service and commitment-to which you are willing to entrust your company’s fate.

The firms earning recognition as a Client’s Choice Recommended firm command a highly respected place in the eyes of legal decision makers. These firms are mentioned regularly as part of clients’ casual conversations. The names of these firms are top of mind, evoking a level of comfort and attachment which clearly designates them as the preferred option for new work.

Valorem’s recognition in the Client Service Strategist category reflects the success of the firm’s commitment to provide superior service . As BTI states, it is “making changes other firms don’t to improve the client experience.” Superior service “goes far beyond being responsive and having chemistry—this is a systematic and formal approach to delivery embraced firm wide.”

Valorem is Latin for “value.” We chose the name to reflect our most profound commitment, delivering value to our clients. For this reason, our recognition by GCs and legal decision makes as a “Leader of the Best” in the Value category is so deeply appreciated. According to BTI, value is “making changes in process or the client experience to add value.” It is achieved “when a law firm delivers more than what is expected. Delivering value requires [firms] to articulate your value in terms the client deems important” and can include money saved, better outcomes than expected, faster resolutions, risks avoided and making things simpler.

The BTI surveys are the gold standard because of the duration of its research in these areas (25 years); its independence (no law firm or organization sponsors the research); the seniority of the persons surveyed (47% General Counsel, 53% direct report to GC); the number surveyed (648 in depth interviews); the size of organizations surveyed (more than $1 billion in revenue); and its unprompted questioning (for example, asking which firms a GC recommends rather than whether the GC would recommend ABC firm). Because of the rigor of BTI’s approach, its surveys and reports carry extraordinary value in the industry.