Those familiar with my writings know that I am a huge fan of Jordan Furlong.  His thinking is illuminating and his writing is extraordinary.  Jordan, who is both a partner with Edge International and a consultant with Stem Legal, has teamed with Stem Legal’s Founder Steve Matthews to produce Content Marketing and Publishing Strategies for Law Firms.  The book is a quick read–it is only 75 pages–but don’t let the length of the book mislead you about the value of its content.  In five chapters, Jordan and Steve cover strategy, content, distribution, culture and metrics.  They include several case studies that help illustrate the points they are making. While Valorem’s inclusion as a case study may color my strong feelings about the value of Content Marketing, Jordan’s and Steve’s stature in the legal community and the history of their thoughtful contributions more than justifies a trip to the website to take a look at the book and judge for yourself.