Dave Bohrer signing paperwork to join Valorem

At the chime of the midnight bell on April 1st, Valorem now has on office in Silicon Valley.  We are so pleased to announce that David Bohrer has merged his Confluence Law Partners practice into Valorem.  Dave’s addition gives us a powerful patent litigation presence on the West Coast as well as a disciple of the gospel of value-based fee arrangements.  Many readers of this blog will recognize Dave from his FlatFeeIPblog or his tweets (@DBohrer).  Dave is an accomplished patent trial lawyer, and will be working with Marty Lefevour and Manotti Jenkins, patent litigators in our Chicago office, giving us a robust patent trial presence.

Here is our press release. Valorem-Confluence press release 3 -2013

  • pwoldow

    Congratulations to you and everyone at the newly enlarged Valorem. Today the west coast, tomorrow the World!