Scott Curran, the Deputy General Counsel of The Clinton Foundation (yes, that Clinton Foundation), was this year’s first guest speaker at Valorem’s “Lunch With a Cool Person.”  The mug  presented to Scott confirms he is, in fact, a “Cool Person.”  Scott was incredibly gracious with his time and his insights and ideas, and my Valorem colleagues and I are ever so grateful.

One great takeaway that Scott left was how the Clinton Foundation makes the most of its meetings and events.  The Foundation is action-driven, so every event ends with commitments by each person attending to do something.  What happens if they don’t do what was promised?  They can’t come back.  Apparently the former President has called some close friends and told them they would not be able to attend a major event (perhaps the Clinton Global Initiative?) because the person has not followed through as promised.  The result?  People follow through.

I can’t tell you the number of conferences I’ve attended where promises were made and, for the most part, not kept.  I think the Foundation’s approach is inspired, and I thank Scott for such a great take-away.