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Wondering on the 4th of July

Posted in Commentary, General

  I woke this morning wondering whether I would experience the best of America in my lifetime.  Certainly, the way we are as a country now is not our best.  I thought about how we have divided ourselves into red and blue states, harkening back to a time when the states were union or confederate.   Not our finest hour then, and not now either.  We have gone from a country where people live free to one where different groups exist solely to make others live like them.  Neither side and no group in our current political climate can claim the high road: all are in a win or die, you’re with me or you’re the enemy mode.  Maybe the days when people of principle compromised to move toward agreed goals never really existed, but it seems like we used to be more like that.  I don’t mean to suggest that there are not principles for which support should be resolute and unyielding, but certainly every principle is not like that, and it is not weakness for people to recognize that their particular issue is not one of the few issues where support must be unyielding.  Will there ever be a day when the “aisle” that separates the parties in Congress becomes less important than the things that join us together?  Will there ever be a day when it is less important how others practice their religion that my ability to freely practice mine? Will there ever be a day when our response to ideas we don’t like is not to condemn the speaker but to show the weakness of his ideas?  Will there ever be a time where we are not red or blue, but instead are red, white and blue?  I wonder.  I hope.