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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Discounted hourly rates are not alternative fees

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I had to do a bit of catching up on my MCLE, so I watched a program entitled Attorney Alternative Billing Options and Their Ethical Considerations.  Apart from the absence of any meaningful discussion of ethical issues, I was stunned by the speaker’s unequivocal statement that “discounted fees are a form of alternative fees.”  I… Continue Reading

The Euro issue: a chance to avoid litigation?

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There has been a great deal of speculation about the collapse of the European common currency, the Euro, should Greece withdraw from the Euro or if Spain’s banking system collapses.  It is impossible to know how long or whether the Euro will last.  Indeed, given the relative cost to countries like Germany, bailouts are much… Continue Reading

Pam Woldow on the money with “Grubby Money” post

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Pam Woldow just pulled back the curtain on the 800 lb. gorilla in most lawyer-client relationships–money.  Here’s the back story from a program Pam led for a law firm and one of its main clients: Then the conversation turned to budgeting, and the tenor turned tense.  One partner, speaking with a hint of self-righteousness in… Continue Reading