The cup's message: "Yup, I'm cool"

At Valorem, we periodically host “Lunch with a Coop Person.”  Today’s “cool person” was Sam Yagan, founder and CEO of  Sam is a serial entrepreneur, having started SparkNotes and eDonkey, among others.  It was great hearing his views on the traits of an entrepreneur.  One of the key traits he identified was a bias toward action, which made my colleagues and I feel good about ourselves, since we share that bias.  Sam also explained the workings of Excelerate Labs, a Chicago accelerator program for promising start-up companies.

There might be a lesson or two we learn from our LWACP lunch companions, but most of all we learn about the world outside the law.  It is a great program and the entire firm, from admins to founders, look forward to these lunches.  If you know any “cool people” in the Chicago area (or if you are one), let me know.

We really appreciate Sam taking the time from his busy schedule to share the lunch hour with us.