February 2012

On the heels of announcing that patent litigator Marty Lefevour has joined our numbers, Valorem is happy to announce that Paul McDonald has joined our number, fresh off his stint as Senior Counsel at Kraft (Paul is 6th from the left in this photo). Before his tenure at Kraft, Paul was a senior associate at Kirkland and at Paul Hastings.  After graduating from Princeton and NYU Law School, he began his career as a prosecutor in Philadelphia, so Paul is no stranger to the courtroom.

For Valorem, which focuses on the service we provide to our clients and their ultimate satisfaction, having another partner with in-house experience is of enormous value.  Paul not only will help us litigate our cases better, but he will help us understand what our clients are dealing with in-house and how are approaches are helping them or helping us change our approach so we do help them.

Paul’s full bio and photo (courtesy of the phenomenal Bauwerks in Chicago) is here.


Update:  After seeing the original post on my site, I realized that a reader will need a magnifying glass to see Paul.  This is a better shot: