January 2012

Some clients make you love working for them.  They make you want to excel.  They bring out the best you have to offer.  DSW is one such client, and I just have to share the experience we had yesterday.

In December, we won a trial for DSW.  It was the company’s first trial–they want to

I got an email today that is proof that mass emailers don’t care a bit about who receives the emails.  The mass email, on behalf of Smart WebParts, offered this enticement:

Smart Time moves timekeeping into a new era, finally offering timekeepers a way to keep up with today’s hypermobile, multitasking work environments. In this

From the world of sports:

A dispute over contract language that affects seven fired Jacksonville Jaguars assistant coaches for over $3 million may have been one of the factors that led to the dismissal of Paul Vance, the team’s senior vice president of football operations and general counsel, according to league sources.

A source said

Great post by Jay Shepherd on “modest” rate increases.  You know that any post that begins “If you see lawyers with their arms in slings, it’s probably from too much patting themselves on their backs” is going to be a good post.  Jay notes that rates have gone up 10% since 2009 during a massive