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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Scoring client service–great idea from Matt Homann

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I loved this post by Matt Homann suggesting lawyers score their client service on the quality of the client’s experience as well as the quality of the result.  Matt’s “scorecard” is included at left.  Matt’s suggestion is to ask your clients to show where you fit in the quality of experience/quality of result chart and… Continue Reading

“Smart” products helping lawyers capture even more time only add to hourly rate feeding frenzy

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I got an email today that is proof that mass emailers don’t care a bit about who receives the emails.  The mass email, on behalf of Smart WebParts, offered this enticement: Smart Time moves timekeeping into a new era, finally offering timekeepers a way to keep up with today’s hypermobile, multitasking work environments. In this new… Continue Reading

BigLaw just can’t shake it’s reliance on hours!

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I got a kick out of a post at Above The Law, Associate Bonus Watch: Dechert’s Bonus Is Contingent On Something That Sure Sounds Like Billable Hours.  The unstated but unmistakeable conclusion from the memo is that even firms that say hours aren’t important place disproportionate importance on billable hours.  ATL quotes one tipster saying:… Continue Reading

Patent Litigator Martin Lefevour joins Valorem Law Group

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My partners and I are pleased to announce that patent litigator Marty Lefevour has joined our number (formal bio here).  Marty has a wealth of experience, both as an inside lawyer and as a partner at Katten Muchin.  The subject matter of the litigation has been quite diverse, including software and internet-based technologies, financial exchange… Continue Reading

Do you have a muse?

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I just read a terrific post on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network, To Inspire Innovation, Get a Muse.  Michael Schrage starts his post with this: Yves Saint Laurent and Pablo Picasso — brilliant entrepreneurs as well as celebrated artistes — claimed inspiration from muses.So, apparently, did Steve Jobs. Perhaps the newly-knighted Sir Jonathan Ive… Continue Reading

The importance of proofreading

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From the world of sports: A dispute over contract language that affects seven fired Jacksonville Jaguars assistant coaches for over $3 million may have been one of the factors that led to the dismissal of Paul Vance, the team’s senior vice president of football operations and general counsel, according to league sources. A source said… Continue Reading

Rate increases again–that time of year

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Great post by Jay Shepherd on “modest” rate increases.  You know that any post that begins “If you see lawyers with their arms in slings, it’s probably from too much patting themselves on their backs” is going to be a good post.  Jay notes that rates have gone up 10% since 2009 during a massive… Continue Reading

Important words to know for great customer service

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In five words or less, courtesy of Tom Peters.  A sample: 4 most important words: “What do you think?” (Dave Wheeler @ tompeters.com: “Most important 4 words in organization”) 4 most important words: “How can I help?” (Boss as CHRO/Chief Hurdle Removal Officer) 2 most important words: “Thank you!” (Appreciation/Recognition) 2 most important words: “All… Continue Reading