October 2011

HBR Consulting has issued a report (summary here) of the results of a survey of in-house law departments.  Interesting results.

  • More than half the participants report increasing the size of their in-house staff.
  • More than 80% of the participants report increasing legal needs.

At the same time:

  • 60% of the participants have reduced

I am sitting here pondering a project I asked someone else to do.  I don’t know whether it is done.  It should have been done by now, but I don’t know because I haven’t heard from the person I tasked with the assignment.  I don’t want to have to keep this task in the front

Before my Dad died, I would use him as a sounding board for my trial theme and story.  Not that my Dad was a simple man but he was persuaded by clear simple, stories.  The Bob test. Now that he is gone, I have to look elsewhere for feedback, but the lesson is still the

AmLaw Daily reports today that the legal sector lost 1,300 jobs in September.  This has to make many people nervous, starting with Managing Partners.  Coming on the heels of Citibank’s report showing that expenses were growing faster than revenue for 2011 and forecasting that the economy is in for a period of no or slow

Several years ago,my friend John, the Cubmaster of my son’s Cub Scout Pack, died very suddenly.  It fell on me to take over his role.  At the wake, several of the parents said their sons were distraught, asking why would God make a person like him die so young.  It became clear to me that