In August 2009, I wrote that hearing the word "fine" from a client was a bad thing:

if you hear the word "fine" (as in, "everything is fine"), understand that you’ve just been sentenced to death. And if you doubt me, remember this post the next time you’re out at a restaurant having a mediocre or worse meal, and your waiter asks how everything is, and you answer with "everything is fine."

Jay Shepherd provides a great illustration of why the word "fine" does not mean what we think it does.  He tells the story of a conversation with a friend who says that everything is "fine" at his law firm.  By the end of the conversation, the friend is confiding that things are so "fine" that he is thinking of leaving the firm.

In terms of client satisfaction, don’t ask questions that allow clients to answer this way.  And if you hear this in an answer, you really need to probe deeper to understand just how bad thing have gotten.