September 2011


Make sure your outside law firm has a good (and consistent) answer when ask the lawyers how the firm has changed its handling of litigation as a result of the economic upheaval of the past several years.  If they are handling things "the way it has always been done before," ask yourself how you

Cycle much?

Cycle time is one of the most significant drivers of cost.  Do you track it?  Do you create incentives for your outside firms to lower it?

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Legal thought leadership.  I hate the words because they are buzz words that suggest that being a legal thought follower is somehow okay.  When it comes to solving problems for clients, you either do or you don’t.  It is not exactly pass fail since some are better than others, solving problems is not a spectator

Long-time readers know I believe the answer is "of course."  Seth Godin lays out both sides of the argument is a recent post and urges people to choose one approach or the other.  Actually, you choose to invite criticism or you automatically default to the option of not doing so.  While the reasons for not