Sometimes, it is best just to move on and and not turn an unfortunate event into a catastrophe.  Case in point: young, inexperienced lawyer, a recent graduate of Touro Law School (to be honest, I’ve never even heard of it) takes a murder case to trial.  Case doesn’t go well (there’s a shock) and judge grants a mistrial.  Oops, a Washington Post reporter is in the room and writes a story about what happened.  The internet allows everybody and their brother to see it.  Not surprisingly, some people blog about it.  That’s unfortunate.

How can one turn this into a catastrophe?  How can a lawyer make himself radioactive, as likely to be welcomed by a future client as the bubonic plague?  Sue the internet (you really have to read this), and let another round of stories be written, and worse yet, a bright light to be shined upon what certainly appears to be gross incompetence (that’s just my opinion).  Read the complaint and judge for yourself.

If there is a moral on the client service front, it is this: don’t pretend to be more than you are.  Karma has a funny way of leveling that field.