March 2011

I’ve heard more about Howrey in the last few days that ever before.  And much of what I’m hearing is the utter BS being offered to explain their demise.  The Managing Partner blames the firm’s demise on alternative fees.  The sad thing is that the reporter didn’t call him on it.  I’ve wanted to write

One of the things I learned as a college debater at Northwestern was that if you searched hard enough, you could always find somebody who had said or written something to support your argument, no matter how lame or stupid it really was.  You learn that anecdotes do not necessarily make for the truth.  They

The iPad may be a game changer.  Every where you look, people are using iPads, and  huge numbers of executives now travel with just their iPad and iPhone.  Other companies are getting into the market, but for now, the Apple products dominate.  But this “iPad audience” is really Valorem’s target audience, so it made sense