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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Pop Quiz on Profitability

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Pop Quiz. You have completed an engagement and been paid. How do measure if the engagement was profitable and, if so, how profitable? Discuss. You cannot refer to hours worked in any part of your answer. Good Luck. If this exam determined your final grade, would you pass the course?

Does Data Sharing Between Firms and Clients Provide Clients All the Information They Need? Not Quite.

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I just finished an arbitration (on the heels of a trial), so I’ve been catching up on some reading. So with apologies for being some “out of date” in getting these thoughts on paper…. In the January issue of American Lawyer, there is a terrific article by Mark Roellig, General Counsel at Massachusetts Life Insurance Company,… Continue Reading

Does Efficiency Kill Innovation?

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I recently attended a Legal Lean Sigma training course, and I tweeted that I had gotten a great deal out of the course.  Someone whom I respect a great deal tweeted back: "Pat, for real?  Yikes.  Efficiency kills innovation.  Effectiveness always trumps efficiency.  Use client selection and right price."  I was, to put it mildly,… Continue Reading