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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Value Tip Of The Day: No. 1

Posted in Value Tips

  At the request of Paul Lippe, I have begun posting periodic "Value Tips of the Day" on Legal OnRamp.  These Value Tips of the Day (TOD) are directed to inside counsel, but sometimes to outside counsel too.  I thought they might of some interest to those who read my blog but aren’t LOR members,… Continue Reading

“Law Firms Say Alternative Billing Won’t Dent Profits.” More Evidence Firms Just Don’t Get It

Posted in Commentary, Hourly Rates and Alternatives

Law360 today reports in an article Law Firms Say Alternative Billing Won’t Dent Profits (sub req.).  Hmmm.  So let’s see.  We know the virtually no firm has restructured its business model.  We know that few firms have made a real commitment to project management.  We know that few firms have made even a pretend commitment… Continue Reading

More on Kodak–Worst Service in History

Posted in Client Service

If you’re not familiar with my Kodak saga, you might want to read about it first. Kodak sent me an email.  Here is the pertinent part, along with my comments: I am sorry to hear that your order confirmation email was delayed. Please be informed that all orders over $100 are automatically being reviewed by… Continue Reading

The Stages of Change, courtesy of Richard Susskind

Posted in Commentary

One of the things that makes a great speaker great is his or her ability to communicate memorably.  A simple statement can either be quickly forgotten or can be communicated in a way that makes it stick in your memory.  Richard Susskind is just such a "sticky" speaker.  Here’s how he describes the stages of… Continue Reading

Adding value by deconstructing

Posted in Client Service, Commentary

I was talking about how Valorem works, saying that we do things where we add value and try to avoid things where we don’t.  I was pressed for an example, and here is one that jumped to mind.  We needed to analyze a mitigation issue under California law.  The normal practice is to have your… Continue Reading

“But what if he’s right?”

Posted in Commentary

Yesterday, I was honored to serve as a facilitator at DataCert’s Generals of the Revolution program in Houston.   This series of programs features Professor Richard Susskind, author of the brilliant book, The End of Lawyers?  I have worked with Richard on panels and have heard him speak many times.  He makes a compelling case for… Continue Reading

Thoughts on “Risk Sharing”

Posted in Commentary

    Someone sent me this slide from a presentation by Hildebrandt, and it got me thinking about risk sharing.  The conventional wisdom is that under the billable hour model, the client bears all the risk.  The conventional wisdom, reflected in this slide, is that law firms bear a substantial amount of risk when using… Continue Reading

The Science of Change

Posted in Leadership and Management

The difference between a successful firm in the Old Normal Era and a successful firm in the New Normal era is huge.  How to get from one to the other?  Big changes.  So how to get to the New Normal?  Watch this video by Dan Heath who, with his brother Chip, authored Why Change is… Continue Reading

Congratulations to Legal OnRamp and Cisco

Posted in Commentary

Terrific article in the ABA Journal about ORX, Cisco’s OnRamp Exchange, a collaborative tool designed and hosted by Legal OnRamp, a web 2.0 tool for in-house law departments and lawyers who collaborate well.  The article addresses the tension between law departments and outside counsel over the concept of "efficiency."  The outside view, expressed by Fenwick… Continue Reading