I have written many times about Jeff Carr, the iconic General Counsel of FMC Technologies.  Jeff is a client, a friend and a teacher.  He is a thought-leader in the profession.  In a recent interview (sub. req.), Jeff was asked if there was one attorney who had impressed him, and why.  Here’s his answer:

A.  Gotta name three from the three "spheres of influence:"

Inside counsel: Mike Dillon [former senior vice president and general counsel of Sun Microsystems], a smart, funny, great manager who has an equally missionary zeal for changing the current, horribly inefficient and absurdly expensive legal delivery service model.  Mike wore a pirate outfit to work for "Talk Like a Pirate Day"–all goes to why he’s been named a Legal Rebel by the American Bar Association.

Outside Counsel: Pat Lamb, founder of Valorem Law Group LLC, a new age law firm that refuses to work by the hour and is focused solely on value-based billing.

Academia: Richard Susskind–author of "The End of Lawyers?" for writing the book every lawyer, law student and those aspiring to be either, must read.

Wow.  I am beyond honored to mentioned in the same breath as Mike Dillon and Richard Susskind, and especially honored when the breath uttering those names is Jeff Carr’s.