As 2010 begins, I am making one more prediction (earlier predictions here).  I wanted to make one more.  The watchwords for 2010 are project management.  Project Management skills are sorely lacking in the legal profession, but they may do more to help lawyers more efficiently and effectively represent their clients than any other tool.  I will be speaking on this topic with Steven Levy of on March 10 at Ark Group’s program, Alternative Fees: From Theory To Practice, in New York City.

  • I completely agree. A lack of PM skills and software specifically tailored to the needs of the legal community is one of the many flaws in our profession’s cost-plus billing system. I have been testing the 2010 MS OneNote as a possible platform for PM and an eDoc management solution for small-to-mid size firms. I am also looking at MS Project and two open source platforms: Redmine and OpenAtrium.