"If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less."

                             –General Eric Shinseki, then Army Chief of Staff

Courtesy of a tweet by my friend Gerry Riskin (who also blogs about this video here), comes this eye-opening (and if it doesn’t open your eyes, you’re dead) slide show prepared Beaton Research and Consulting.

Gerry’s advice is to use this slideshow at the beginning of a partnership or practice group meeting.  But every lawyer, and certainly every leader, should be thinking about what this slideshow means for the practice of law in the United States.

Yesterday, I spoke to a group of mostly insurance defense lawyers.  Earlier, I wrote about Rio Tinto bringing in an Indian Legal Services Provider to lower costs.  Is it foreseeable that even the staid insurance world will be swept up in this frenetic pace of change?  How can it not be?

But certainly corporate America is caught up in this change, and it is dragging the legal world along with it.  Wake up.  Pay attention.  Or become irrelevant.