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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Legal Education, Lawyer Training And The Need To Start Over

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  In a private email, Jordan Furlong observed that most lawyers begin law school with little to no business experience or business education. Law School adds no relevant business knowledge. Yet when most lawyers begin to practice in whatever area they choose, they find themselves encountering businesses, whether as clients or the adversaries of clients,… Continue Reading

When Partner Distributions Are Cut, Should Clients Worry?

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AmLaw Daily contains an interesting post today noting that several UK firms were cutting their profit sharing.  From the post: Several big-name U.K. firms have cut or delayed quarterly profit distributions to partners to cushion the blow of the continued recession. Interesting choice of words–"cushion the blow."  The translation is that we don’t have enough profits… Continue Reading

Airlines, Disney World and the Customer Experience

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I’ve been spending a lot of time flying around, and one of the places was to Disney World for my nephew’s wedding (which was spectacular, by the way).   I was struck by the incredible difference between the air travel experience and the Disney experience from a customer service perspective. Let’s be frank.  Airlines don’t give… Continue Reading

What is an alternative fee?

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Jim Hassett of LegalBizDev was kind enough to send me a  preview edition of his AmLaw 100 survey of alternative fees.  Very interesting reading, and Jim is to be commended for his work in this area.  This most recent report includes the results of surveys and meetings with C-suite executives from 37 of the the… Continue Reading

Newton’s First Law and Client Service

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"An object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by another force." Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion, also know as the Law Of Inertia I have to confess that when you discover gravity, you’re the kind of historical figure who gets my… Continue Reading

Watercoolers and clients

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They (and have you ever, like me, wondered who they are?) say that nature abhors a vacuum.  I was reminded about the wisdom of this gem during a recent deposition.  My witness was testifying about the sale of a company and management’s why management was releasing information to the employees.  As she said, " you… Continue Reading