Marketing, to be effective, needs to (1) have a point and (2) not insult the listener or viewer.  These things seem to be Marketing 101.  So here I am this morning, driving along listening to NPR.  The announcer reads the piece that programming is brought to you by "[insert name of large national accounting firm] where we are dedicated to providing our clients with thoughtful answers." 

Now I am not a marketing expert, but doesn’t it seem like a client should be able to assume that it’s highly paid national accounting firm will provide thoughtful answers?  Or is there some large cadre of accounting firms that provides thoughtless answers? 

I was going to say that my conclusion is that marketing statements that are obvious insights into the obvious are a colossal waste of money, but that would make me guilty of that which I criticize (although at least this is free!).  So let me leave with this:   there needs to be a quality control element to everything a firm does to present itself to the public, if only to avoid certain ridicule for things like "thoughtful answers."