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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Celebrate What You Have.

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  Yesterday, I took my soon to a church function that, frankly, neither of us was too thrilled about attending.  But lessons are learned in the most unexpected places.  We were in a group of about 50, and were treated to a performance by Tony Melendez.  Tony is a thalidomide baby–he was born without arms. … Continue Reading

Note to BigLaw: Please Explain

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Two things captured my attention today.  They fit so nicely together because I can’t understand either of them.  First, I read an Above The Law post about DLA Piper abandoning lockstep compensation for its associates.  But it was this quote from co-CEO Lee Miller that struck me so hard: "I don’t think the model is broken,… Continue Reading

Lawyers Victimizing Clients: Two Models

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I was visiting with a friend of mine recently.  He regaled me with a story of a lawsuit he had brought against some entity that had screwed up a service it was providing.  He lamented how he had been unable to get the case settled.  He told me that the lawyer defending the case had… Continue Reading

Social Networking And The Law

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One of the points that Mike Dillon, GC of Sun Microsystems, made in his recent post, Change, is that the new generation of lawyers has a different perspective on the practice, which is helping drive change.  The career perspective of the newest generation of attorneys is an additional factor in driving these changes. They desire… Continue Reading

Designing The Nuclear Supercarrier Of The Future and The Practice Of Law

Posted in Leadership and Management

"Designing a nuclear powered aircraft carrier is a mindbendingly complex process."  I love that sentence–if only because of its understatement (and the use of "mindbendingly").  It is from a fascinating article at FastCompany.com, How Does The Navy Design The Nuclear Supercarrier Of The Future?  The answer, of course, is that one designs nuclear supercarriers with the… Continue Reading

A Thought For Law Students

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  I don’t normally write with a law student audience in mind. The recent spate of terminations (I hate the word “layoff”), my encounters with great law students here at Valorem and at FutureFirm 1.0 and a recent post on Legal On Ramp by Ed Reeser asking whether being a BigLaw associate was worth it anymore… Continue Reading

Can BigLaw Afford To Look Askance At Contract Lawyers

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Here’s a sentence that should scare the bejesus out of every inside lawyer: "Other firms, however, are taking work they would typically farm out to contract lawyers and instead are giving it to associates who might not have much on their plates." So says Raunn Ross of Agency Legal Staffing in Los Angeles.  Apparently, some… Continue Reading

Excellent Book: Personality not included–why companies lose their authenticity and how great brands get it back

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I am a big fan of Rohit Bhargava’s recent book, *Personality not included–Why Companies Lose Their Authenticity and how great brands get it back.  Rohit provides great examples of the points he is making.  The essential point is that companies with personality have a chance of succeeding, faceless companies that try to be all things… Continue Reading

Back Door To ??????

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  Last week the American Lawyer reported the results of its first "Women in Law" survey.  Despite the occasional standout firm, women still account for approximately 1 in 5 big firm partners. The Am Law 200 does much better than the Am Law 100, with 60% of the former reporting an average of 19% women partners… Continue Reading