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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Law Firms Declaring War On Clients’ Wallets?

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Question for clients.  How would you feel if your law firms hiked their hourly rates by 3% today? That’s right, you get the same work output and pay 3% more.  Okay, show of hands.  Ummm, any body want that 3% increase?  Is there a single hand to be raised?  Of course not.  You would think… Continue Reading

The Importance of Exchanging Ideas

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There are many law firms that apply the Hippocratic oath to their public expressions–first do no harm.  An in the course of "doing no harm," they become milquetoast and merge into background, just like elevator music.  No one hears it.  No one cares about it.  But no one is harmed.  Mission accomplished. Those who have… Continue Reading

Virtual Law Firms v. Face-to-Face Collaboration

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Yesterday’s online version of the Washington Post contains an interest article, Recession Sends Lawyers Home, that discusses the growing number of virtual law firms.  The article discusses Virtual Law Partners and others.  One of my partners wondered whether our true competition would come from virtual firms rather than BigLaw. It’s interesting to note that Virtual Law… Continue Reading

Eliminating Coffee. That’ll Fix Things.

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Today’s Chicago Tribune reports that in response to the economic crisis, one Chicago law firm has eliminated free coffee in one of its lobbies.  In fairness to the "leadership" of this firm, they could not have read my post from yesterday, Who Is Accountable For The Lack Of Vision?, but you can think of a… Continue Reading