(the cover of our CD give-away)Last evening, Valorem had an open house to celebrate our first anniversary.  I had opposed the idea of the party and was persuaded by my partners that it was the right thing to do.  Boy, were they right.  We had a grand time and visited with many of the people who helped in our evolution.  But amidst the cocktails and conversation, I was stunned by the extraordinary client service and dedication of Nancy Villano and Jon Heiniger.

Nancy and Jon are marketing and visual consultants, respectively, to the firm.  Their work is extraordinary and you won’t find two nicer, easier to work with people.  About three hours before the event, Nancy and Jon appeared bearing all sorts of incredible "things" (that’s a technical terms for really creative objects designed to make the firm look good).  Both jumped in and helped with all the little things that make a party successful.  We owe them both in great measure.

I believe I have high standards for client service.  I call this blog "In Search Of …" because I don’t believe it’s possible to achieve perfect client service.  That may be true, but Nancy and Jon come about as close as anyone I’ve seen.  Valorem’s profound thanks and appreciation to both.

(P.S. I owe Nancy a link, which I will get.  In the meantime, if you want to contact her, send me an email and I’ll get you in touch with her.)  For those who care, here’s a couple of party pics my partner Mark captured on the smallest camera I’ve ever seen:

P.S.  The picture at the very top is our party give-away, a CD with a collection of songs about time.  The name of the CD is "It’s About Time (But We’re Not).  Sorry my photo doesn’t do the cover service.