February 2009

Brian Baxter of American Lawyer has a post on lawjobs.com called The Fine Art Of Overbilling.  It begins with this:

A tongue-in-cheek look at how to pad your bill, unless of course you don’t mind getting arrested or disbarred

Except, as I read it, it wasn’t tongue-in-cheek.  Let’s look at the eight overbilling schemes

It comes from Australia.  Of course, because you wouldn’t expect this from a US lawyer.

It begins this way: "I am writing to you quite frankly because I am being made to and for no other reason."  Okay, so maybe it’s not totally serious.  But it is honest.  And very funny.

Here are some more highlights:

In my inaugural glog post (glog is my definition of guest blog post, I alluded to the issue of diversity and suggested that, in addition to driving change related to alternative fees, in-house counsel had the power (or at least some power) to drive change in this regard as well.

In late January, I had