January 2009

In today’s world, there is little doubt that, with very limited exception, the business of law is now a buyer’s market.   The number of layoffs at large firms, and the demise of several prominent firms seem to confirm this.  Certainly the anecdotes of revenue declines in 2009 do as well.  But not only are we

Well, to be precise, it’s not about time.  That’s why it’s time to take the plunge. 

There are some lawyers out there—you know who you are—sitting in your large comfortable offices wondering what will happen to your firms as this economic cataclysm continues.  You know your firms are pursuing the wrong business model.  You know

Let me tell you a short story.

A senior in-house lawyer is meeting with the CEO to talk about a problem the in-house lawyer had been asked to solve.  The in-house lawyer describes how his efforts at negotiation had failed, so he had taken steps to find a random person off the street so that





For quite a while now, Pat Lamb, my partner in

My partner, Nicole Auerbach, has finally agreed to be a regular guest blogger on In Search of Perfect Client Service.  If you like some of the material I post, I guarantee you will love Nicole’s offerings.  She is much smarter than I am, funnier and definitely a better writer.  She is one of