December 2008

I began my legal career before I went to law school.  In 1978, after graduating from college, I joined Kirkland & Ellis.  I was a "project assistant" and was paid by the hour.  One of my first assignments was to the "Plywood Antitrust Litigation" team headed up by Fred Bartlit.  The case went to trial, Fred

  I took my dear old Lexus in for an oil change this morning.  Five minutes of check-in and out the door with a freshly washed car in less than an hour.  The McGrath Lexus dealership has remodeled itself, and the customer waiting area is one part luxury hotel, one part Starbucks.  Wireless Internet.  A

I like this guy and I never met him.  Tom Asacker describes himself as "author, renowned speaker, provocateur."  Tom Peters describes him as a "marketing guru."    He just wrote an article that contains 9 predictions for 2009.  Here’s a taste:

#1 The Earth will complete its 584 million mile, 67,000 mph trip around the

$600 (bleeping) per hour?   (Sorry, I’m from Illinois.  It’s our water.) 

Blago humor aside, let me draw your attention to this Wall Street Journal Law Blog post.   From the Journal:

Yesterday, Judge Chin, in a polite and judicious order, asked Dewey to provide a bit more information on its fees:

It is difficult to