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Monthly Archives: December 2008

The Daily Trifecta: Change Meets Law

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Bear with me on this one.  I came upon three different articles that, in my mind at least, fit perfectly with each other.  Sort of like getting the Rubik’s cube right.  First is this list of the 13 Worst Things About Hourly Billing, brought to you by The Greatest American Lawyer.  Thanks to my friend… Continue Reading

My now daily trip to the car dealer

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  I took my dear old Lexus in for an oil change this morning.  Five minutes of check-in and out the door with a freshly washed car in less than an hour.  The McGrath Lexus dealership has remodeled itself, and the customer waiting area is one part luxury hotel, one part Starbucks.  Wireless Internet.  A… Continue Reading

9 Predictions For 2009 (no law involved)

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I like this guy and I never met him.  Tom Asacker describes himself as "author, renowned speaker, provocateur."  Tom Peters describes him as a "marketing guru."    He just wrote an article that contains 9 predictions for 2009.  Here’s a taste: #1 The Earth will complete its 584 million mile, 67,000 mph trip around the Sun… Continue Reading

Newspapers …. and the Law. Any Parallels?

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I saw a link to a blog post on the most overrated and underrated people of 2008, and I had to check it out.  It’s pretty predictible, but one "winner" got me thinking.  Let’s start with the paragraph that triggered my brain cells: Most underrated phenomenon: Newspapers. Here’s a weird paradox. If you include the… Continue Reading

Are Associates Worth $600 Per Hour?

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$600 (bleeping) per hour?   (Sorry, I’m from Illinois.  It’s our water.)  Blago humor aside, let me draw your attention to this Wall Street Journal Law Blog post.   From the Journal: Yesterday, Judge Chin, in a polite and judicious order, asked Dewey to provide a bit more information on its fees: It is difficult to evaluate… Continue Reading

Change Made Easy. Well, at least easier.

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Caption from a cartoon in this week’s New Yorker:  "There’s a lot I want to experience, but not a lot I want to actually do."   (thanks to Seth Godin) From Tom Peters’ list of 27 things that will transform every organization: "Walk the talk. ("You must be the change you wish to see in the… Continue Reading

“The Market Doesn’t Care”

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Outstanding post by my friend Jordan Furlong, who posts at Law21.ca (Dispatches from a legal profession on the brink).  The post that really captured my attention was "the market doesn’t care."  Jordan draws from posts by "two of the smartest people writing on the web these days," Seth Godin and Scott Karp.  While I haven’t… Continue Reading