"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

This quote is frequently attributed to legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, but it appears to have been uttered first by Joseph P. Kennedy.  The source is less relevant than the concept.   When confronted with a problem, some give up.  Some turn the problem into an opportunity and, in so doing, not only survive, but thrive.

I wrote about this in my most recent post, Silver Lining in Black Economic Cloud.   This morning, I ran across a similar group of entries on Tom Peters’ blog.  His first is Thriving on Chaos.  The second is Surviving and Even Thriving Amidst the Perfect Storm.  The last of the trilogy is The Basics Are the Basics Are the Basics Are the Basics: The Worse the Times the Better They Work; Or, Listen to Grandfather Snow.  Excellent lessons for those who believe in opportunity.