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Monthly Archives: September 2008

The Value Challenge

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The Marketplace section of today’s Wall Street Journal  features the headline, "Food Marketers Cook Up ‘Value’ Campaigns."  Seems like, in today’s world, value is is de rigueur.  We at Valorem certainly hope that it informs purchasing decisions in the legal world. What?!?!?!?  Value in the legal world?  Yes. I’m being serious here. I know, it’s… Continue Reading

Commodity Legal Work–The Antichrist?

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As many of you know, I was privileged to attend the Association of Corporate Counsel launch of the ACC Value Challenge this past Friday.  The entire program was recorded and is will be available soon on the ACC website.  One of the things that caused me to smile was the repeated reference to "commodity work".  The… Continue Reading

It’s Time For The Tough

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"When the going gets tough, the tough get going." This quote is frequently attributed to legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, but it appears to have been uttered first by Joseph P. Kennedy.  The source is less relevant than the concept.   When confronted with a problem, some give up.  Some turn the problem into… Continue Reading

Silver Lining in Black Economic Cloud?

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In my last post, I picked up on Gerry Riskin’s most recent post on our troubled economy.  Gerry first raised the red flag on the economy last August, and I have picked up on the issue from time to time, including posts about the Perfect Storm, the bad economy being a long term issue and… Continue Reading

Black Monday: Economy Heads South. Will Law Firms Follow?

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Alan Greenspan appeared on This Week yesterday and indicated that the black cloud hanging over the US economy would not be leaving us anytime soon.  See his comments here.  These pessimistic comments led Gerry Riskin to restate his challenge to Law Firm leaders: Punchline:  You are getting fair warning – are you acting on it?  This… Continue Reading

ATTENTION In-House Counsel: Survey Requires Your Input

Posted in General

My friend Paul Lippe at Legal On Ramp brought an important survey for in-house counsel to my attention, and I thought it prudent to post the information.  (Here’s the link.)  The survey is the effort of my friends at American Lawyer and fellow blogger (and friend) Rees Morrison.  Here’s the introduction to the survey from… Continue Reading