August 2008

This message is directed solely to in-house lawyers and any business people who might happen along.  If you’re an outside lawyer, press the back arrow on your browser.

I’ve said many, many times that real change on legal fees, on the economic relationship between lawyers and clients will come only when clients insist on it

When I started practicing law, lawyers would spend their days busily chiseling their briefs into stone tablets.  I remember several times when a client needed a lawyer in another city, I would be told to go to Martindale Hubbell and review the firms in the City and find "the biggest" or one with a great

On Friday afternoon, I played hooky.  I joined my family at Chicago’s fabulous Navy Pier.  The thought started while I was at the top of the Ferris Wheel with a clear view of the skyline.  But it really hit me on the boat ride, where we heard a bit about Chicago’s history.  The captains of

Can I admit that I occasionally ready Above the Lawa blog about law firms?  It’s like The Enquirer, which I only read while standing in supermarket lines.  On alternate Tuesdays.  Okay, enough self-disclosure.

ATL has a great entry about Citibank’s recent analysis of the economic decline at large law firms.  One of

A client walks up to a litigator and says, "I have a lawsuit I need you to defend.  I don’t expect there to be more than 5 depositions.  The contract involved has just three provisions, and there are probably only 500 pages of relevant documents.  There is a single legal issue.  If I give you $5

Duane Morris laid off 18% of its marketing and business development staff yesterday.  Ed Schecter, the head of marketing, apparently said cost-cutting was "secondary" and the real intent was to build a more experienced, leaner team.  Of course, this is reported the day after Citibank’s Dan DiPietro is quoted as saying the profits of Amlaw