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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Merger Creates Pressure On Hourly Rates

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From today’s Chicago Tribune Business Section:  Seven partners have left  Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell (catchy name, eh?) to create a new firm representing insurance companies in litigation.  The reason?  Pressure to increase hourly rates in this practice area by as much as 50%. Locke Lord etc., etc. and so forth was formed by the… Continue Reading

The Unique Relationship Between Clients and Lawyers: The Lawyer’s View

Posted in Client Communications, Client Surveys and Audits

Trust me, for a moment at least, that all of the following points eventually will come together. Every time I have the opportunity, I ask in-house counsel about whether their lawyers conduct formal or informal satisfaction meetings.  Almost invariably, the answer is no.  I always follow up by asking whether the client would find such… Continue Reading

Valorem Offers Its Thanks To Many

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My partners and I have been touched–and surprised–by the many kind emails we’ve received from so many about our new website.  The substantial majority have been encouraging.  Many have offered constructive input, and we already have made many changes to the Valorem Law Group website based on input we’ve received.  It continues to be a… Continue Reading

Valorem Website Goes Live. Comments Requested.

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Valorem’s website is now live.  I really haven’t had to put together a website before–it is a lot harder than I imagined.  Anyway, we are trying to be clear about our message and communicate a bit more personality than the ordinary law firm website.  I’m too close to the thing to know if we achieved… Continue Reading

Recession And Law Firm Revenue

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    You have to love the headline writers at the New York Times and the fun they have with Fed-speak.  Fed-speak is the language the Fed Chairman must use since he can’t utter the R-word.  So Bernanke says today, "It now appears likely that real gross domestic product, or G.D.P., will not grow much, if… Continue Reading

More Evidence Of Corporate America Rallying Against The Billable Hour

Posted in Hourly Rates and Alternatives

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I attended (and spoke at) the American Conference Institute program on Controlling Legal Expenses.  Both the speaker roster and the attendees were predominantly inside counsel, with a heavy emphasis on those involved in litigation.  The panels on the entire first day were of a like mind that alternative… Continue Reading