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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Valorem At Two Months

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I have had several requests to post an update on Valorem.  Is it working?  What have I learned?  It is working.  I’ve learned a lot.  Thanks for asking. Okay, that’s a pretty thin answer.  But humor is really important in a start-up.  We were fortunate to start with a full plate of work.  We issued… Continue Reading

“We hold these truths to be self-evident.”

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With all the recent hub-bub about great writing and speechifying, my friends at What About Clients? showed great timing with yesterday’s piece on great writing.  After providing a rock-solid example of good editing of an overally legalistic contract, Dan Hull concluded with this imagery:     Either [editing alternative] would save trees, ink and space, be… Continue Reading

The Notion Of “Going Viral”

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Sometimes things go viral.  Sometime ago, I wrote about a slideshow set to music that became known as "Did You Know."  The show has been viewed well over two million times.  Earlier this week, I was emailed a link to a song about Barack Obama.  This is a song written and recorded after Obama gave… Continue Reading