Well, we  just finished our first full week.  Its already been a wild ride.

I don’t intend to have ISOPCS become a diary reporting on the events of Valorem Law Group, but VLG is, in many respects a Client Service laboratory where we are seeking to push the client service envelope.  But I wanted to use this space to acknowledge the many emails and calls we have received wishing us well and applauding our experiment.  We already received extensive coverage in the print  media and online.  For an example of the former, check out this story from the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.  For an example of the latter, check on this story in the National Law Journal (web only; subscription required). 

We are deeply appreciative the good wishes and favorable comments so many have offered. 

But its just one week, and there is much left to do.  Actually, "much" is a dramatic understatement.  I’m off now and will be back soon.