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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Remember This Before Complaining

Posted in Client Communications

How frequently do we complain?  We all do so a lot.  Sometimes we complain about things in the presence of our clients because they also are our friends.  And because we are lawyers, are complaints are spiced-up and witty.  Next time, maybe not so fast. I received an email today from my brother-in-law, a retired… Continue Reading

TechnoLawyer eBook Makes Legal Publishing History

Posted in People, Places and Blawgs

I am proud to be amongst such distinguished company in the TechnoLawyer eBook, BlawgWorld 2007.  Here’s the story: TechnoLawyer eBook Makes Legal Publishing History with Smart Navigation System and Online Distribution via Seventy-Eight Legal Blogs Helps lawyers find blogs and helps law firms get answers to their most pressing problems New York, NY (July 30,… Continue Reading

“Rainmakers I Have Fallen For”

Posted in Client Service

Great article in the July/August issue of Law Practice magazine.  A former in-house counsel reveals the "Rainmakers I Have Fallen For …"  Barbara D’Amico is the former General Counsel of J.P. Morgan Chase’s Retail Financial Services Businesses.  The article eventually will be on-line here (probably in September). Without further lead-in, here are the skills common… Continue Reading

No Pain, No Gain. In Theory At Least.

Posted in Commentary

One of the really fun things about being in the world of blogs is happening on an old post.  And its even more fun when that post is just as vibrant today as when it first appeared.  I just had that experience.  Michelle Golden writes Golden Practices.  Michelle is one of my favorites, and I… Continue Reading

It’s The Experience That Matters

Posted in Client Service

Last night while driving home, I had a chance to listen to Marketplace, one of my favorite programs on NPR.  Good luck for me.  I heard a story that would make Kevin Roberts (originator of the Lovemarks! concept) and Dan Hull (author of What About Clients and noted proponent of the boutique experience) proud. The… Continue Reading

Noted Bloggers Build On Lake Wobegon Post

Posted in Client Service, Client Surveys and Audits, Commentary

    I recently posted (again) on the Lake Wobegon effect, the phenomenon that results in law firms chronically overestimating the quality of the relationship the firms have with their clients.  (See This Just In: General Counsel Less Than Thrilled With Their Outside Counsel.)  I am honored that two noted bloggers have picked up on the… Continue Reading

You Lose If Your Customer Is Satisfied

Posted in Client Service

Harry Beckwith was interviewed by "the authors of Knowledge Leadership, The Thomas Group.  Here is a most interesting Q and A: Q.     Sales nomenclature has also changed. First, "customer satisfaction," then "customer loyalty," and most recently what Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba characterize as "customer evangelism." Your own take on all this? A.    Customer… Continue Reading

To Be Or Not To Be (In The Box)

Posted in Commentary

I’m confused. I’ve been described as an "out-of-the-box" thinker.  I took that as a positive.  But then I was reading Harry Beckwith’s You, Inc.  Harry writes:         "Your box–your way of thinking, working and living–has worked for you.  Its the box in which you were born, a product of the DNA with which you… Continue Reading

Can Good Emerge From The Pressure To Generate Revenue?

Posted in Hourly Rates and Alternatives, Leadership and Management

I received an email from Inside Counsel today announcing the July edition (which I received and wrote about yesterday).  I don’t know if I missed this when I read the magazine, but the email contained this great quote:           “When I talk to law firms, I have one hand on my wallet,”        says William B…. Continue Reading

This Just In: General Counsel Less Than Thrilled With Their Outside Counsel

Posted in Client Service, Hourly Rates and Alternatives, Leadership and Management

The July 2007 edition of Inside Counsel just arrived.  This is the edition that has the results of the survey of General Counsel.  Fascinating reading. First, the Lake Wobegon effect continues to be alive and well.  (I’ve covered the issue here, here and here.)  Only 19% of outside lawyers give their outside firms an "A"… Continue Reading

Some Insights Into The Role Of Culture In Firm Performance

Posted in Leadership and Management

I have written many times about the central role culture plays in achieving, well, anything of consequence.  (See here, here, here, here, and here.)  Darci Riesenhuber,  a Transformation Architect with tompeters!company, has written a terrific article in the July Tom Peters Times about the importance of culture.  Here is a highlight: "… employees will behave… Continue Reading