Not Gerry.  Raquel.

Let me explain.

Gerry was in Chicago yesterday, so we planned dinner as is our habit when he is visiting.  He called to tell me his daughter Raquel was in town.  "Would I mind if she joined us."  "Of course not.  Gerry and I got to the restaurant first and were having a beverage.  When Raquel walked in, every eye in the joint was on her.  I am sure you can understand why.

 Raquel is an actress and a model, but clearly her father’s daughter in terms of her intellect, intellectual curiosity and creativity.  I learned during our dinner that she also is a "Hometown Hottie," having advanced to the semi-finals in Maxim magazine’s contest.

So here’s the challenge for the legal blogging community:  We need to rally votes for Raquel!.  You can see how deserving she is, but when you add the sass and the personality, you’ve got a young woman who deserves to get to the finals!  Here’s where to go to cast your vote–visit the sight often and vote as often as you like (it’s a Chicagoan’s dream election!)

Vote for Raquel here.

Raquel has been in a number of TV shows and has some movie credits too.  She was the star of "Killer Bash", playing the role of Becky Jeckyl.  One reviewer wrote ‘ For an independent film without much hype, Killer Bash was greatly entertaining and Raquel Riskin is a great new actress.

Gerry is very proud of all of his children.   And like any proud parent, he would love to see his daughter succeed in this contest.  I’d love to see her succeed too.  I also think it would be interesting to test the real power of the legal blogosphere.  So here’s my proposal.  Post about this yourself–let’s get the "VOTE RAQUEL" movement publicized as far and wide as the legal blogosphere can reach.  Let’s make the movement viral.