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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Customer Focus is About Perspective

Posted in Client Service

"At a famous presentation at Black and Decker, a consultant held up one of these, a drill, and asked the Black and Decker executives if this is what they sold. They all recognized the product and answered “yes”. He then suggested to them, that from the customer’s point of view, what they are selling is… Continue Reading

Influential Business Leader Speaks. Please Listen.

Posted in Hourly Rates and Alternatives, Leadership and Management

"Put most bluntly, the most fundamental misalignment of interests is between clients who are driven to manage expenses, and law firms which are compensated by the hour." So says Cisco General Counsel Mark Chandler in a recent speech, which is posted here.  From the same speech: My answer to this question is therefore simple: first,… Continue Reading

Recipe For Success

Posted in Leadership and Management

I have been spending considerable time trying to identify the character traits firms must have to succeed.  Here’s my top ten list.  Feel free to add to it. Discipline Execution Passion An ability to be dispassionate Commitment Creativity Excellence Customer-focus Comfort with Change and willingness to experiment Maniacal effort to improve I know that being… Continue Reading

Like Sheep To The Slaughter

Posted in Hourly Rates and Alternatives

Like most other firms of its size in Chicago, Butler Rubin is approached regularly by much larger firms looking to merge (read, swallow).  Because my partners are a polite group, we smile, say thank you and then politely decline.  You see, most of us are big firm refugees and we would rather not relive those… Continue Reading

Demand Destruction.

Posted in Hourly Rates and Alternatives

That’s the moral of a recent "flash survey" of top General Counsel by Altman Weil on the latest round of salary increases for starting associates.  And that’s demand as a noun, not a verb.  Here are the key findings and insightful comments submitted by GC s: 58% of the GCs believe the newest increases are… Continue Reading

Vote Riskin. Vote Early. Vote Often.

Posted in General

Not Gerry.  Raquel. Let me explain. Gerry was in Chicago yesterday, so we planned dinner as is our habit when he is visiting.  He called to tell me his daughter Raquel was in town.  "Would I mind if she joined us."  "Of course not.  Gerry and I got to the restaurant first and were having… Continue Reading