I was paging through April/May volume of the Law Practice, and came across an ad for The Successful Lawyer, authored by my good friend, Gerry Riskin.  (Gerry’s blog Amazing Firms Amazing Practices is a must read.)  Its no secret that I am a huge Gerry Riskin fan, but I did want to pass along a comment about this book–it really is a must read, not just for partners, but for associates too.  Gerry’s writing is so clear and compelling that those looking for a map to success in law and life should put this on the top of their reading list.  But don’t take it from me.  Tom Peters, another icon, says this:

The Successful Lawyer is precisely the book I’ve been dreaming of.  It is well argued and exceptionally practical.  Frankly, there is no professional service firm, including my own, that would not benefit immeasurably from applying these ideas and practices.

Make a deal with yourself.  Buy the Audio-CD version, download it into your Ipod and exercise your mind while you exercise your body.  It will be a great investment.