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Monthly Archives: March 2007

New Math: More New Lawyers + More Hours = Clients Feel More Pain

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Just posted in the Wall Street Journal Law Blog:  a prediction that 2007 will bring "lots more associates," lots more hours and more revenue for law firms.   These are conclusions from Citibank’s soon-to-be-released Managing Partner Confidence Index.  The Journal’s post attaches several slides from the Index.  So we have an expectation of more hours from… Continue Reading

Do You Prefer Things The Way They Are?

Posted in Leadership and Management

Seth Godin got me thinking.  He does that to people.  He is, as he describes himself, an "agent of change."  And I like nothing better than change, so maybe that’s why I am such a fan.  His recent post, Thrill seekers, divides people into two categories–thrill seekers and fear avoiders.  I can’t better his description… Continue Reading

The Chimera That Is Profits Per Partner

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Larry Bodine’s post on his discussion with Mayer Brown’s Director of Global Communications, Doug Kramer, got me thinking.  In case you missed it, Mayer Brown fired 45 partners–men and women who have sacrificed for the firm and who have families to feed and kids to put through college.  The reason?  Well, Mayer Brown’s profits per… Continue Reading